Fiona Brockhoff’s Seaside Rebellion is the recent article by the Planthunter, who visited with Fiona in her Toorak garden. It profiles her use of plants and materials in urban spaces, including her own home in Toorak.

“Fiona’s city garden is quite a bit smaller than her country one, but (as expected) it packs a punch. It consists of three spaces – a gravel entry courtyard – complete with a 1950s concrete bird statue and garden bench made of sticks, a leafy side passageway and a rear courtyard. A raised concrete tank/swimming pool sits to one side of the garden, and a graphic timber screen on the garage provides a bold backdrop to the simple space. The house façade and windows drip with Boston ivy (Parthenocissus tricuspidata), making the rear lounge room (and its olive green carpet) feel very much like living on the forest floor!”

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