In this issue of Green, the magazine for sustainable architecture and landscape design, two Fiona Brockhoff designed gardens are featured. In the article ‘Great Outdoors’, a guide to creating a sustainable outdoor living space, the garden featured (see image below) uses recycled timber as decking, recycled concrete pipe as vegetable gardens and permeable pathways of granitic sand. In the article ‘A Sense of Place’ a garden on the Mornington Peninsula is profiled (see image below). It sits on a lake and the landscape design provides a crucial linking function with the interior, given there are numerous ways to exit the house. The landscape is designed to make it feel as though the house is situated on a water course and the plants selected are able to cope with the conditions of being inundated with water sometimes and being in cracked-up clay in summer.

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Garden featured in article ‘Great Outdoors’

Garden featured in article ‘A Sense of Place’