‘Influential Australian Garden People: Their Stories’ is the sequel to Anne’s 2013 book ‘Exceptional Australian Garden Makers’. It’s contemporary focus interrogates the influences of our current generation of garden writers, media personalities and garden designers. Fiona Brockhoff , along with other well known garden designers including Paul Bangay, Myles Baldwin, Jim Fogarty, Andrew Laidlaw and Arno King, share their personal stories.

Listen to the stories of Australia’s influential Mind Shapers and Garden Creators many of whom share many similar experiences. The scent of rosemary around the sandpit, planting carrots as a five year old, or running free in the Australian bush are just some of the common childhood experiences that have sparked an interest in the natural world for this generation. Some have come to garden making or writing through science, architecture or the arts. Collectively they have a wealth of expertise, what makes them unique is their passion and individual vision for garden making in Australia in the 21st century. Journey with them as they relate their own experience within the context of increased urbanisation, shifts in lifestyle choices and concern for environmental sustainability. As Australia negotiates this transition, important questions arise about the future shape of our gardens and our connection to them. Above all else, this generation represents a fundamental shift in the values and beliefs attached by our society to nature, landscape and cultivated spaces

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Listen to Radio National’s interview of Anne Vale about her new book. http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/blueprintforliving/the-shaping-of-contemporary-australian-gardens/7924724